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It is true. A picture DOES tell a thousand words.

Waiting for a plane in Los Angeles on March 18th, I became fixated to the television when I saw this video:

Here we watched devastation and hope all in the same frame. It's the story of ultimate loyalty: a Japanese dog refuses to leave her injured friend behind. Sources say that the two dogs have recovered well, but there are still so many animals that have been injured and left homeless since the 8.9 magnitude earthquake & tsunmai that shattered the eastern coast of Japan on March 11, 2011.

As I sat watching with my new found friends at the airport, we experienced this piece of hope together. Clapping rang through out the room when the injured dog woke up, and then I noticed what looked like a silver necklace collar on the brown and white dog, our everyday hero.

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Soon, I was telling my good friend Suzanne Koga, a Japanese American, about this story and showed her the video. She said, "Okage Sama De", and then explained how the phrase would be used in Japan:

"I would say Okage Sama De to my parents.
I would say that to my daughter, who has forever changed my life.
I would say that to Roberta Flack, who has taught me all I know about the reality of music.
I would say that to my best friend, my dog Cashew.
I am who I am because of them.
They are who they are because of me.
We would say it to each other: Okage Sama De.
It is said with much respect and gratitude."

Suddenly I flashed to my Golden Retriever who just passed away after almost fifteen years, and there it was: I am in large part who I am because of him. He was there for me every step of his life.

In response to the overwhelming need to support Japan in every aspect of their recovery effort, Sweet Bird Studio is proud to be collaborating with legendary recording artist Roberta Flack, who is a devoted animal rights advocate, and the 2011 ASPCA celebrity spokeswoman. With your purchase of one of our new Okage Sama De dog or people necklaces, you will be helping the animals of Japan with 100% of all net proceeds from the sale of these necklaces going to the Nippon Japanese SPCA Fund.

May Dog Bless You and your loyal friends,

Nancy and Lamb Chop Anderson

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